Monday, November 28, 2011

Bath Planet featured in Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine

Bath Planet was featured in an article in Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine titled, “Bath Planet Launched by BCI.” The article states that Bath Planet provides a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for people who are seeking bathroom renovations and an aging-in-place solution. BCI launched Bath Planet to bring consistency and customer service to an industry that has a reputation for being largely unreliable and by offering an outstanding experience and lifetime product warranty their dealers will stand apart from other bathroom remodeling and bathroom in a day concepts. Click here to view the article or begin reading below.

Bath Planet Launched by BCI

BCI Acrylic Bath Systems is launching a new consumer brand, Bath Planet. The brand is designed to offer homeowners cost-effective and low-maintenance bath improvements for those seeking aging-in-place solutions.

Bath Planet’s tub, shower and wall systems can be installed over an existing tub and walls, and installation can be completed quickly. Bath Planet is the first consumer brand for BCI Acrylic Bath Systems and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bath Planet featured on Business Owners ToolKit

Bath Planet was featured on a radio interview with Business Owners ToolKit titled, “Branching Out in a Recession.” The segment discusses the launch of Bath Planet as a solution for homeowners with the “bathroom in a day” idea. Bath Planet creates wet-space solutions that can be easily added on to existing business models and offer new business opportunities in the home improvement industry. What Bath Planet realizes is that the bathroom remodeling industry has been largely unreliable and Bath Planet brings customer assurance and reputation, backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, for a consistent, outstanding service experience by any one of their exclusive dealers. Click here to visit the podcast, starting at the 9 minute mark.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bath Planet featured in Arkansas Business Journal

Bath Planet was featured in an article in the Arkansas Business Journal titled, “Bath Planet Joins Pro Builder Supply,” where the reporter interviewed John Via and Darin Wiggs. They discussed the new entrance of Bath Planet into the Little Rock area, which provides full-service bathroom remodels. With John’s experience of the industry and Pro Builder Supply specializing in remodeling, they can now provide full service remodeling from the bathroom wet space to fixtures, hardware and lighting solutions. Click here to view the full article, or begin reading below.

Bath Planet Joins Pro Builder Supply
By Luke Jones

Bath Planet of Palatine, Ill., a full-service bathroom remodeler, has set up shop at Little Rock's Pro Builder Supply LLC.
John Via grew up in North Little Rock and spent eight years in Maryland remodeling bathrooms. He recently decided to join his lifelong friend and Pro Builder owner Darin Wiggs in Little Rock as sales and marketing manager for Bath Planet. The new service began Aug. 1.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bath Planet featured in Remodeling Magazine

Bath Planet was featured in an article in Remodeling Magazine titled, “In the Spotlight: Bath Planet.” The article was built from an interview and highlights the launch of Bath Planet and the “bathroom in a day” concept for the first time where you will be unveiling the new products at the Remodeling Show. The article discusses the Bath Planet life time warranty, Good Housekeeping Seal and the opportunity for existing business owners to jump on board to become exclusive dealers of Bath Planet. Click here to view the article, or begin reading it below.

In the Spotlight: Bath Planet
By: Lauren Hunter

Just months after launching in the marketplace, Bath Planet debuts its “bathroom renovation in a day” services and dealer opportunities at the Remodeling Show this fall.

The new company has some well-known competition in a segment of the market that has been gaining favor. Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of parent company BCI Acrylic, says that Bath Planet offers a series of guarantees and warranties that will set the brand apart from others.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Become a Dealer with Bath Planet

The economic downturn has forced many consumers to cancel plans of buying a new house. Instead, more and more homeowners are turning to remodeling as a way to extend the value of their current home. Bath Planet, the nation’s top bathroom renovator, is perfectly poised to take advantage of this trend.

Bath Planet offers multiple low-cost, high-quality options for remodeling and rejuvenating aging bathrooms through exclusive dealers. Bath Planet dealerships are the perfect opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to break into the remodeling industry without having to worry about keeping track of large amounts of inventory. Dealerships also have very low start-up costs and can be up and running much faster than most traditional business models.

Bath Planet dealerships are also a great option for small business owners. Converting to the Bath Planet brand grants small business owners the recognition of a national brand name as well as the full support of a corporate staff in advertising, marketing and public relations.

For more information on dealership opportunities with Bath Planet, visit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bath Planet® Enters Little Rock Market

Introduces affordable bath remodeling solutions with revolutionary customer experience

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Little Rock, Ark. — After extensive market research demonstrating new housing trends, Bath Planet® of Arkansas (a division of ProBuilder Supply) has recognized the uptick in small renovations, which has led to its newest decision to become an exclusive authorized dealer of Bath Planet® in Little Rock. Bath Planet’s® authorized dealers will showcase the newest bath remodeling products in the industry with exclusive colors and designs, offering stylish, affordable, low-maintenance solutions that satisfy customers by combining high-quality service with superior product offerings.

For the past 15 years, Pro Builder Supply has been under the leadership of Darin Wiggs and has been a segment leader throughout the area. ProBuilder Supply has become the leading distributor of decorative hardware & lighting in the central Arkansas area. With this success, Wiggs continued to look for the next industry trend and a new business opportunity. Despite the economic constraints on the home remodeling and renovation market, Pro Builder Supply discovered Bath Planet®, a company that was financially sound and provided an affordable and appealing alternative to costly bathroom renovations.

Bath Planet® will provide us with a new business opportunity to capture an even wider segment of business in Little Rock. The brand has a strong industry reputation of outstanding customer service and superior product design,” said Wiggs, owner of Bath Planet® Little Rock. “We were looking for an industry with strong growth numbers, and after noticing remodeling trends in Little Rock, we knew that we could bring a new and exciting business to the market.”

Strategically, Wiggs wanted to make the right addition to the Little Rock area and enhance his existing business by adding a cost-effective bathroom component to complement it. What he recognized is that more homeowners are making conscious decisions to make smaller, more affordable updates to their homes as they are living in them longer.

“We are excited to have Pro Builder Supply on board as our first authorized retailer in the state of Arkansas. They can provide the expertise and exceptional service that our company prides itself on,” said Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of Bath Planet®. “We have found a great partner in Darin, as they have consistently been a leader in the remodeling market, providing superior products and delivering the best customer satisfaction.”

Bath Planet® has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is given only after lengthy and meticulous evaluation. The credential is recognized widely as a symbol of consumer assurance and protection in the marketplace and demonstrates unparalleled level of commitment to the best products and customer service.

Together, the best minds in the industry have been brought together to research all elements of bathroom remodeling, including top tier manufacturing, installation, design and customer service. This foundation led to the development of the world’s best product value in bathroom remodeling.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bath Planet: Your Aging in Place Solution

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that by 2050, the population of Americans aged 65 and older will more than double to 89 million, up from 39 million. This translates to a tremendous increase in potential clients for bathroom renovation companies as these individuals are getting to the age where they can no longer perform home repairs or do not want to spend time doing so.

We refer to this growing market as aging in place. More and more seniors want to stay in their own homes rather than going to retirement homes or communities. In order to make their homes safer and more user-accessible, bathroom renovations like grab bars, walk-in tubs, user friendly faucets and accessible shower seats must be installed. As the demographic grows, the need for trustworthy contractors to do quality work also grows.

Bath Planet is here to provide all of the necessary renovation solutions like converting a tub into a shower with seat or walk-in tub. In addition, Bath Planet can change faucets to add extendable shower heads that make bathing safer and easier for seniors. Bath Planet’s products are also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, so seniors know they will be getting a durable, quality product.

Bath Planet is targeting this demographic as one of its fastest growing areas of business. Couple this demographic with busy dual income families and single professionals and you can soon realize the potential of owning a Bath Planet dealership.

For more information on Bath Planet, visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Return on Investment and Remodeling your Bathroom

Over the years of being in the remodeling business, I’ve heard one question more than any other: “Will I get a return on my remodeling investment?”

It is an interesting question with answers that are as varied as the type of remodeling projects available to a homeowner.

The obvious analysis on a question about “return on investment” is to ask about the numbers. “If I invest $10,000 in a remodel, will my home be worth $10,000 more than it is today as a result of the completed work?”

Let’s say it is April 2007. The economy is booming and the house you bought in 2005 for $250,000 is worth $300,000. You take out a home equity loan for $25,000 and get a new bathroom and some landscaping in the front and back yard. August rolls around, and it is time to sell the home. Depending on market conditions and your location, you can probably get the $25,000 back.

Fast forward to 2010. The $250,000 house is probably worth $250,000 again, or maybe $225,000 or $200,000. So, did the remodel pay for itself? This is a much tougher question, right? If you want to, or HAVE to sell now, you probably will not get your money back on the remodel, even though your house is more likely to sell than the neighbors house, where perhaps they didn’t make those investments. Obviously, buyers would rather buy a “home” and not a “project” with their hard earned money.

But the reality is that remodeling actually has less to do with a financial return on investment than with the way we live our lives. For most people, their home is their largest investment. But it is how we use our home that impacts our life and the lives of our family members. New landscaping can make family barbecues more fun, can make a garden possible, or can provide shade on a hot summer day or even a fire on a cool fall evening. A new bathroom can be clean, comfortable, refreshing, safe and beautiful. Perhaps your bathroom remodel even makes the room more accessible for a family member with a physical impairment.

In our business, we remodel bathrooms in order for our customers to live better. Certainly, we have customers who look for a financial return on their bathroom remodel, and they find it. Remodeling Magazine says that the financial return on a bathroom remodel is about 102%. But the other return on investment, the one that is about enjoying life, is the real value in remodeling.

Our bathrooms are:
  • Easy to clean
  • Accessible
  • Installed in 1 day
  • Custom designed to meet every person’s needs
  • Warranted for life
  • Affordable
  • Always look brand new, even after years of use
So, when you look for a return on your investment, consider more than money. Money matters…but it certainly isn’t everything!
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