Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bath Planet featured in Remodeling Magazine

Bath Planet was featured in an article in Remodeling Magazine titled, “In the Spotlight: Bath Planet.” The article was built from an interview and highlights the launch of Bath Planet and the “bathroom in a day” concept for the first time where you will be unveiling the new products at the Remodeling Show. The article discusses the Bath Planet life time warranty, Good Housekeeping Seal and the opportunity for existing business owners to jump on board to become exclusive dealers of Bath Planet. Click here to view the article, or begin reading it below.

In the Spotlight: Bath Planet
By: Lauren Hunter

Just months after launching in the marketplace, Bath Planet debuts its “bathroom renovation in a day” services and dealer opportunities at the Remodeling Show this fall.

The new company has some well-known competition in a segment of the market that has been gaining favor. Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of parent company BCI Acrylic, says that Bath Planet offers a series of guarantees and warranties that will set the brand apart from others.

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