Friday, December 14, 2012

Bath Planet welcomes Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson has been involved in the plumbing industry for 35 years. Although he grew up in California, he has lived in southern Utah for the past 20 years. In 1996, during his transition between the two states, he established a plumbing company called Bruce Thompson Plumbing LLC, with bathroom remodeling being a staple of the services he provides. He runs the business with his two sons and his wife; Elizabeth, Jared and Josh. Elizabeth has a background in finances and takes care of the company book keeping.

How did you learn about the brand?
I was approached by Bath Planet corporate and it ended up being a great fit because we do a high volume of bath remodels already. We really see Bath Planet as a way to give back to the community and help people who need a quick and easy solution or remodel.

What makes your business different?
Seeing that the times were changing, it was apparent to me that Bath Planet is a necessary service in the area. We can provide a fast turnaround at a good price with the highest quality product available.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
I think especially in the construction industry, just starting out as a contractor and building up a business can be difficult. You have to develop your skill and look for opportunities to make that transition from being a one truck operation to running a large business. It’s a tough transition.

What are your expansion or development plans?
Currently we have the rights for southern Utah and we have ideas to expand through the entire state. Right now we are focused on establishing a presence in the area with Bath Planet so that we can continue to grow.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
I like nostalgic things and have a passion for vintage cars. Through my ventures of older collectables, I’ve come across a bathtub from the early 1900’s - it’s a folding bathtub and it’s a cool piece of our showroom!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bath Planet Welcomes Donnie and Lucy Grubbs

Donnie Grubbs started in the construction business when he was 18. By the age of 22 he had started his own subcontracting business. While going door to door selling magazines with his brother, he ended up selling his first aluminum siding at the age of 25 in 1976 through a dealership called All Side and later started Home Craftsman. In 1990 Donnie opened a window manufacturing company and sold it after a year to become a salesman for Sears which he did for two years. In 1999, he started Donnie Grubbs Vinyl Siding that he currently runs today. His daughter, Lucy Grubbs, began working for her father in 2003 at Donnie Grubbs Vinyl Siding and then they took on the bathroom division in 2009.

How did you learn about the brand?
We had used BCI products before we became Bath Planet dealers, so we knew the quality of the product. We were working with Luxury Bath and decided to go back to BCI once we found out about Bath Planet.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Bath Planet?
Bath Planet offers us more support than any other dealer program. What really separates Bath Planet though are the people and how upfront and honest they are with everything. We’ve been in this industry a long time and understand the importance of treating people with respect.

What makes your business unique in the community?
One thing is that we are very involved in the community and do a lot of marketing. Our showroom is extensive and really adds a tangible aspect to our products. I love people and talking with members of West Monroe.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
Just finding the best people, we have a high standard for our workers because of how involved we are in this community.

What are your expansion or development plans? What is your end goal with Bath Planet?
We are working right now to get our new showroom up and running. We’d also like to open other showrooms in Alexandria or Natchitoches, Louisiana; we do work in those areas very much so we’d like to have a greater Bath Planet presence there as well.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
Donnie: I love my business and find a lot of enjoyment in helping the community.
Lucy: I have two children, ages seven and three, and love to spend time with family.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bath Planet featured in the Times of Northwest Indiana

Bath Planet dealer Dave Redmon was featured in a great article in the Times of Northwest on November 24.

The article discusses Dave Redmon becoming the new Bath Planet dealer in Northwest Indiana with his mother and brother. Further discussed in the article are the decisions behind Redmon’s choice to become a Bath Planet dealer and his personal ties to the Valparaiso community, once playing basketball for the University of Valparaiso. Read a preview of the article is below, or click here. for the full story.


Valparaiso University basketball fans likely will recognize his name.

As one of the all-time scoring leaders in the school’s basketball history, Dave Redmon is now looking to become a star in another arena – the business world.

Redmon recently became a dealer for Bath Planet, a Palatine-based bathroom remodeling company that is backed by BCI, a manufacturer of tub and shower-liner systems. Redmon works closely with his mother and brother to service Northwest Indiana, providing clients with bathroom solutions that meet their budgets. (READ MORE)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bath Planet Featured in The Grand Rapids Business Journal

Bath Planet was recently featured in a great article in The Grand Rapids Business Journal. The article details how Greg Olson became a Bath Planet dealer, as an addition to his construction business in Grand Rapids. Rick Hirschhaut, Senior VP of Bath Planet, expands on the brand and how it links BCI products and system closer to high quality dealers/installers. You can read a clip of the article below or click here for the full text.

Bath Planet names Kodiak Construction new dealer

Kodiak Construction was launched in Grand Rapids 11 years ago by Greg Olson, just two months after the 9/11 attacks brought the U.S. economy to a virtual standstill for months.

Kodiak survived that, and then managed to survive the Recession, which decimated the home construction industry throughout the U.S., and in West Michigan in particular. But Kodiak’s forte has always been in home remodeling, which apparently didn’t suffer as much as new home construction did. (READ MORE)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bath Planet Welcomes Our Newest Dealer, Greg Olson!

Greg Olson is originally from Northern Michigan, attending college at Northern Michigan University in Marquette and obtaining a degree in science. In 1988, Greg went into the remodeling business, working with National Home Remodeling until he became a district manager. He stayed with the company for 10 years before moving east to do consulting for a remodeling company in Harrisburg, PA. Next, Greg worked in Chicago for a computer company before moving to Toledo, OH as a corporate sales manager for a different remodeling company. He performed more consulting in the home remodeling business industry on the West Coast before starting Kodiak Construction LLC in 2001.

How did you learn about the brand?
I had been a BCI dealer for 8 years and BCI corporate asked us if we wanted to be the official dealer for our territory. Since two of our major product lines are windows and BCI products, we decided becoming the official dealer was a great fit for our business.

What was appealing to you about joining a dealer system?
The systems BCI corporate provides us are great – the website for Bath Planet is very user-friendly. The quality and strict guidelines for dealers, as well as the rigorous structure we need to follow as dealers, fits with the high quality of service we like to provide our customers.

What makes your business different?
We are extremely high on quality and we have a high number of retained business with our clients. I personally go on job sites and am heavily invested in my business. We have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition to a great team and staff.

How do you connect with the local community through your business?
We do things with a number of charities. We have recently worked with The Lions Club and are working to help the blind.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
Just adjusting and adapting to the economy.

What are your expansion or development plans?
Our goal with Bath Planet is to continue to develop the area between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
I love to fish whenever I get the chance and I’m a die-hard Packers fan! I like the outdoors and spending time with my family.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bath Planet welcomes Ron Carrier

Ron Carrier has served as president of his family-owned windows business since 1987. Due to problems caused by the economy, Ron recently began expanding his product and service offerings to reach a wider range of customers. After hearing about the great opportunities bathroom remodeling offered from other dealers within the home improvement industry, he began looking for a way to add it to his services. Ron plans to formally open his Bath Planet location January 1, 2013.

How did you learn about the brand?
In the economic downturn, generating leads is a difficult task. We diversified our product line lately to include roofing, window film and garage doors, but we were still looking for a hot home improvement item. Bathroom remodeling in particular was something we knew was hot by talking to dealers across the US. Bath Planet gave us the opportunity to add that to our services.

What was appealing to you about joining Bath Planet?
We feel the Bath Planet name is going to be exclusive –in addition to Good Housekeeping seal which is also exclusive to Bath Planet. I also like the idea of installations being done in one day, which matches the specialty-type products that we always look for.
Our average sale wasn’t too high at the moment because of financing difficulties, so Bath Planet fits right in with our business.

How do you connect with the local community through your business?
We give money to a charity called Giving Hearts with every appointment that we set. We also do things with the local schools’ football and basketball teams.
What are your expansion or development plans?
Right now we’re involved with 9 counties. I’d love to see this take off to where we could gather more territory and more counties.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bath Planet featured in the Hot Springs Village Voice

Cindy and Darin Wiggs, owners of Bath Planet and Pro Builder Supply.

The article discusses the introduction of Bath Planet into the Hot Springs Village. Highlighted in the article are the extensive safety features Bath Planet can offer to improve one’s bathroom as well as the cost and time effectiveness of going with Bath Planet.

Bath Planet offers free recommendations for safer bathrooms
Featured in Hot Springs Village Voice

Hot Springs Village property owners Darin and Cindy Wiggs own Bath Planet, which offers a one-day bath remodel service.

“Instead of tying up your bathroom for two weeks and costing thousands of dollars, we can usually be finished in one day,” he said.

Darin Wiggs says his staff is not a hard-core sales group. Bath Planet can make a free in-home visit and make recommendations.

Modifications can help make homes safe for aging people, he said.

“ The most- dangerous place in the house is the bathroom,” he said. Adding grab bars and a walk-in bathtub are among changes that can help allow seniors to live at home rather than moving, he said.

Read the entire article here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to install a bathroom waterfall

Looking to make your bathroom more beautiful and more tranquil? Then a bathroom waterfall might be exactly what the doctor ordered! They are gorgeous, provide a peaceful vibe, and lucky for you are very easy to install. In our online journey this morning we came across this wonderful do it yourself guide, courtesy of the DIYnetwork, on how to install a bathroom waterfall. We hope you find it useful and continue to make your bathroom and home in general more beautiful! Click here to view the article on the DIY network.

How to install a bathroom waterfall

Step 1: Mark and Drill the Tile
Eyeball the placement of the waterfall and mark the spot on the wall. Find center on the wall (Image 1), then place the hanging bracket on the wall and mark the holes.

Attach a depth guide to a hammer drill and drill holes 1/2" into the tile (Image 2). Screw hanging bracket to wall.


Step 2: Attach the Basin
Measure down from hanging bracket to find the location for the top of the bottom basin (Image 1).

Dryfit the basin, mark the hole locations and drill them out. Add anchors for support and attach the basin (Image 2).


Step 3: Finish Installation
Attach slate to the hanging bracket.

Set the pump in the basin and snap in the basin tray, then add rocks.

Fill the fountain with distilled water, which will keep the pump from clogging with hard water deposits.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bath Planet featured in the Daily Herald

Bath Planet was recently featured in The Daily Herald in a brief titled “Set up shop in Streamwood." The brief announces the opening of the Bath Planet in Streamwood. Dimitris Nacopoulos has had his own bathroom remodeling service since 1994, but recently joined Bath Planet. Click here to read the brief on or read the full text below.

Dimitris Nacopoulos has owned his own bathroom remodeling business since 1994 and now has opened Bath Planet in Streamwood. Palatine-based Bath Planet was created in 1999 by BCI Acrylic Bath Systems founders Tom Barzantny and Scott Rosenbach. Bath Planet is backed by BCI, a privately held manufacturer of tub and shower-liner systems with a network of more than 550 independent dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to clean your bathroom

The bathroom is a very significant place in any household, no matter who you are you will be spending your fair share of time in the bathroom. I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom and everyone can appreciate how important a clean bathroom is. TLC recently posted an article detailing how you should clean your bathroom, and it gives some great tips on how to get execute more than a surface cleaning, to give your bathroom that deep clean that will really last and put your mind at ease. Click here to read the entire article.

How to Clean Your Bathroom
by Editors of Consumer Guide

The average person can tolerate a growing collection of dust balls under the bed or a drawer full of tarnished flatware in the sideboard. But a grimy bathroom is another story. The bathroom should be cleaned once a week, and even more frequently if it gets heavy use from a large family.

Fortunately, most bathrooms are made of materials that are easy to keep clean. Tile and porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant if dirt and scum are not allowed to build up on them. Make it a firm rule in your home to rinse out the tub or shower stall immediately after you use it. Spray water from the shower head on all interior surfaces, then lather soap onto a damp sponge, swish it around the tub or stall, and rinse.

These are but a few of the bathroom-cleaning guidelines we'll present in the following article. Cleaning the bathroom isn't a chore most people look forward to doing, but if you follow our instructions, this all-important room will sparkle...for a while, anyway.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dealer Profile: Bill Zimmer

Bill Zimmer is originally from Warsaw, IN. In 1976 he and his wife Marcia opened a home improvement company on Vine Street in Huntington, Indiana. The business, known as the W.A. Zimmer Company originally focused on vinyl and aluminum siding sales and installation. Over the years as sunrooms and patio related products gained in popularity with homeowners, Bill & Marcia narrowed the focus of the company and built a new showroom facility at US 24 & Broadway in 1994, and since 2000 have specialized only in the patio related portion of the industry. W. A. Zimmer Company is well known in Northeast Indiana for their quality sunrooms and patio products. Now, in another move to meet the needs of the market, Bill & Marcia have added Bath Planet® tub and shower-liner systems to the product lines at W. A. Zimmer Company.

How did you learn about the brand? 

Early this year I began seeing advertising in the trade magazines for Bath Planet. Because we were busy with sunrooms and awnings this spring and summer, I had procrastinated about contacting Bath Planet® for more information. One day a representative from Bath Planet stopped in the showroom because he had been referred to us by a few common friends in the industry. That conversation lead to a tour at Bath Planet which turned out to be a very impressive facility. We followed up with some research on the success of other Bath Planet® dealers across the country, and came to a positive decision.

Why did you choose Bath Planet?
In two words, “Great People!” The staff and owners are all top notch and are tremendously enthusiastic about helping us at every step of the way. Everyone in the plant hands you a business card with their personal cell number and tells you to call ANY time. They provide sales and installation training where everyone participates in the installation of at least one tub or shower. Their manufacturing process is unique and they have almost 500 molds of tubs manufactured over the last 60 years so they can match any tub made. That custom tub process was another factor that helped us decide to go with Bath Planet. Again, they are great people to work with.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
In the early years we used subcontractors to install our jobs. Maintaining quality, providing timely installations and consistent service became a challenge as we grew. In the early 1980’s we switched to full-time employee installers, and finding the right people was a challenge. The economy has been challenging a couple times over the past 36 years, but after surviving a recession in the 80’s we learned not to get into debt and just live within our means. It’s made these last few years a little more manageable.

What are your expansion or development plans?
We are currently finishing up some Bath Planet displays in our showroom and after completion we will begin to gradually advertise Bath Planet in more areas of our territory. As volume grows we’ll add staff, possibly 4 more on the Bath Planet® side over the next year. We’re at 10 on the sunroom side and we will be adding 2 people soon.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
We own a candy store and espresso bar called The Party Shop, which employs roughly 10 people part-time. This is an old store in downtown Huntington that has been in business forever, I loved the pecan turtles so much that when the previous owner closed the candy store I bought it from him and added the espresso portion. I’m a regular supporter of the local YMCA and participated on the building committee when we constructed the new Y in 2008. Racquetball might be a passion.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bath Planet featured in The Windsor Star

Bath Planet was recently featured in The Windsor Star in an article titled “Quality products powers Bath Planet." The article discusses the Bath Planet location in Windsor, opened by Gord and Karen Ranisavljevic. Some popular products are discussed, and Rick Hirschhaut, Senior Vice President of Bath Planet, also talks about some trends they have been seeing in the industry. Click here for the full article.

Quality products powers Bath Planet
By: Dave Hall

A four-year-old Windsor business is on the cutting edge of the bathroom products industry after becoming the first Canadian supplier of Bath Planet products.

New Bath Inc., was established by partners Gord and Karen Ranisavljevic and Frank Ondracka in March 2010 when it was launched as part of the trio’s E-Star Windows and Doors Ltd., operation which had opened two years earlier.

Bath Planet was launched in the fourth quarter of last year when owners of U.S.-based BCI, a major supplier of bath products, decided to expand into the retail market.

“We’d been fairly successful on our own and the only reason we decided to join Bath Planet was the quality and range of products they offer,” said Gord Ranisavljevic.

These products include walk-in tubs, bath-to-shower conversions and full custom-made acrylic enclosures crafted in a variety of textures, styles and colours.

“What people are looking for today are products that look great, look rich and warm while at the same time are easy to keep clean,” said Karen Ranisavljevic. “People are tired of using toothbrushes and bleach to clean the grout. Our products just need wiping down which makes them simple and easy to maintain.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Martha Stewart Living online article about bathroom housekeeping solutions. Read the full article here.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips
By: Martha Stewart Living

A Minute a Day
Learn simple techniques for keeping your bathroom sparkling. Start by tossing harsh scouring powder for the tub. It is too abrasive to use regularly. After showering, take a minute to wipe down the tub and faucets with a terry-cloth towel to help remove soap scum and prevent mineral deposits.

Squeegee the Shower
Pull the shower curtain closed when not in use, so water can't sit in the folds. Spread towels over two hooks to dry, or hang them on rods instead. Wipe shower walls with a squeegee after every use.

Circulate Air
To discourage mildew growth in the bathroom, increase the amount of air circulation and light to decrease moisture. Use fans during the shower and for roughly 30 minutes after, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and open windows.

Prevent Bathtub Rings
Bathtub rings are usually the result of using oily bath products. Clean with warm water and a mildly abrasive cleanser after using such products.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ad-Supported Toilet Paper in Restrooms

An Ann Arbor, Mich.-based start-up firm, Star Toilet Paper, recently started selling ads and coupons printed on sheets of toilet paper. They are selling ads everywhere, from jet bridges at airports to movie tickets. Now, Jordan and Bryan Silverman are aiming to take advertising where it's never been before.

Mich. start-up debuts ad-supported toilet paper in restrooms
By: Katherine Yung, Detroit Free Press

Their Ann Arbor, Mich.-based start-up firm, Star Toilet Paper, recently started selling ads and coupons printed on sheets of toilet paper.

"It takes advertisers a couple of seconds to wrap their heads around advertising on toilet paper," said Jordan, who acknowledges his business elicits plenty of snickers and long pauses.

The tag line on the company's website advises people, "Don't rush. Look before you flush."

The company plans to distribute free, ad-supported toilet paper to public restrooms at restaurants, offices, stadiums and other venues. These locations can save money on a basic necessity in exchange for providing Star Toilet's advertisers with a captive audience.

Amid all the laughs, Star Toilet was recently named one of five finalists for Entrepreneurmagazine's College Entrepreneur of 2012 contest.

"Advertising is about having people read about your product and this seemed the ideal place to do so," said Jordan, a philosophy major who graduated from the University of Michigan this spring. "So far, people have loved it."

Friday, August 31, 2012

In-Vogue Basins

The days of white, porcelain baths and stainless-steel kitchen sinks are over. Combining function with style and design, a new era of basins has arrived. Read full Home Improvement Online article here

In-Vogue Basins
By: Kathy Kidwell 

Bath basins
Exploding into the decorative and innovative categories are the newest bath tubs and sinks. To peruse the new offerings in decorative sinks, you need to look no further than vessel sinks. In the past few years, the vessel sink trend has grown, and this year, it has become an outlet for sculptors, creating works of art using a wide variety of materials. From hand-carved stone and onyx to tile, granite, colored glass, copper, bamboo and much, much more, the incredible palette of materials to choose from make the vessel sink a brilliant addition to any bath.

Innovations in the use of materials, incorporating water-saving technology and creating a spa at home have dramatically upgraded the options in today’s bath tubs. From chromatherapy and hydrotherapy to the use of Quaryl in Villeroy & Boch’s Squaro tub—a material that conducts heat very slowly, so the bath stays warm to the touch—upgrading your bath to a luxury suite is becoming more mainstream.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Create a Comfortable Bathroom

Bathrooms News, an online home improvement and bathroom blog, shares an article on how to make your bathroom more comfortable. Click here to read the full article.

In this day of fast-paced communication, hectic professional life and demanding personal commitments, your bathroom is probably the only place where one can find a semblance of privacy and solitude. It is here that many individuals finally find time from their hectic schedule to be with themselves. No wonder many scientists of the yesteryears were at their creative and innovative best in their bathrooms.

The first question that occurs in our mind is what are the factors that need to be considered at the time of designing a bathroom? Irrespective of the amount of resources, and the level of comfort, and style that one aim, the most critical criteria that a bathroom need is a high level of cleanliness. The design, plan and the material used to create a bathroom itself lends the cleanliness to entire bathroom.

It is then followed, by the comfort level of a bathroom, and especially, how the toilets are designed and what it offers. It is a facility that all the members of a family whether they are young and old, would be using, and the last thing one would not want a cheap toilet that develops yellow stains, just within few months of purchase.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World's Coolest Hotel Bathrooms

Great article posted on the Travel and that also appeared in "Making a Splash" in T+L Magazine about some of the coolest bathrooms around the globe, from Paris to Utah. Click here to read the full article.

World's Coolest Hotel Bathrooms
By: Adam Sachs
I first fell for Tokyo when I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi and read the little sign in my bathroom.

“Don’t be afraid of our toilet,” the note begged, politely, reassuringly.

I was far from afraid. I was transfixed, happy. I pressed all the buttons on the toilet, even the ones with the pictures of things I’d never want to have happen or couldn’t really comprehend. When that was done, I drew a bath in the outsize tub at the center of the room, fiddled with the electric shades and dimmers, turned on some hotel music, disgorged all the bath salts, and fetched a Cognac from the mini-bar.

Our bathroom rituals are different in hotels than they are at home because the function of that room is altered and enlarged. The home bath is a way station on the path of the everyday. Traveling, we’re off our routine and in need of comfort, warmth, and cleansing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hidden Savings in Your Bathroom

Toilets consume about 27 percent of the water used inside the home. You can save water and money by checking your toilets for leaks, replacing your flapper and installing a fill cycle diverter or upgrading to a high- efficiency toilet.

Installing an early-closure flapper can save as much as 1.5 gallons per flush.

Investing in a high-efficiency toilet can save more than 4,000 gallons of water per person each year.

Up to a gallon of water per flush can be saved by installing a fill cycle diverter in your toilet tank. The diverter redirects water to the tank and less to the toilet bowl.

To install a toilet cycle diverter on a typical gravity-flush toilet, follow the instructions below:

  1. Pull hose out from overflow tube.
  2. Remove clip or holder, if any.
  3. Insert diverter into hose end.
  4. Push diverter onto overflow tube with one of its arms inside and one arm outside the overflow tube.
  5. In some cases, the hose may need to be cut shorter to reduce buckling or tipping.
  6. Follow these directions and soon you’ll be saving a substantial amount of water.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bath Planet featured in Johnson City Press

Bath Planet was recently featured in an article in the Johnson City Press titled “Remodeling: DIY vs. contractor." The piece focuses on an increase in bathroom projects that Scott Brooks has seen since opening his Bath Planet location earlier this year. Scott discussed how Bath Planet can help homeowners who would like to be more involved in the project by giving them ideas of what it will cost, finding the right materials, and installation in the “wet areas” in the bathroom. Click here for the full article, or begin reading below.

Remodeling: DIY vs. contractor
By Madison Mathews

As the demand for remodeling projects continues to rise, so do the questions that often come with tackling upgrading parts of the home.

When is it beneficial to go the way of HGTV and do the project yourself, as opposed to hiring a contractor for the job?

That’s obviously one of the big questions whenever starting a home improvement project, but experts say there’s more to that question than meets the eye.

(Read More)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Bathroom Decorating Tips

We’re all trying to cool off, but when it comes to outfitting our bathrooms we all want the hottest designs. There’s nothing like the change of the seasons to get you in the mood to redecorate, and the bathroom should fall under your room decorating radar for summer! From seashells to nature-inspired designs, you can create a fresh new look for any size bathroom. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Highlights from the seashore are the perfect match for a fresh, aquatic-inspired look. You’ll find plenty of designs in carved ceramic, clean-cut porcelain, and simple but elegant rocks, pebbles, and other accessories fresh from the shore.
  • A splash of color will add a unique look to your bathroom theme, and you can start with a basic cream or beige, and work on a fresh focal point. Choose yellow, orange, bright red, or another bright and bold color palette for a cheerful morning wake up!
  • How about new towel bars and accessories? Even a slight change in the wall hooks and accessories can help you create a fresh look. Switch to chrome or brushed silver for a fresh and sparkling addition to the wall space.
  • A new rug can quickly liven up the entire bathroom, so take your pick from beige and tan designs that speak of the outdoors. You’d be surprised at just how following one or two of these tips can really transform your bathroom into a room you can brag about!

Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Save Money on Your Water Bills This Summer

We all want to save money on our water bills, but we don’t want to be inconvenienced, Here are a few ways to save water without even noticing it! And so you know, summertime is when we waste the most water!

  • For cold drinks keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap.
  • This way, every drop goes down you and not the drain.
  • Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your bill and water meter are tools that can help you discover leaks.
  • Water your lawn and garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap.
  • Spreading a layer of organic mulch around plants retains moisture and saves water, time and money.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalk and save water every time.
  • If your shower fills a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, replace the showerhead with a water-efficient model.
  • Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplants.
  • If water runs off your lawn easily, split your watering time into shorter periods to allow for better absorption.
  • Use sprinklers for large areas of grass. Water small patches by hand to avoid waste.

Follow these simple tips and soon you’ll notice a difference in your water bill!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

If you enjoy spending time soaking in your tub, or you simply like spending time in your bathroom, updating your bathroom is important. If you have been putting it off because of money, there are some inexpensive bathroom updates that can make a major difference.

Here are some easy, inexpensive ideas that pack a lot of punch.

  • Fresh coat of Paint. Cover your painted walls with a fresh coat of paint to change the look of your bathroom. Select a paint color that is totally different from your current color to ensure that your change is an obvious one.
  • Rack Replacement. Replace your existing towel racks and toilet paper roll holder to revamp the look of your space.
  • New Mirror. Replacing a mirror is one of the easiest of the inexpensive bathroom updates you can tackle.
  • Updating Lighting. If you shop smart you can get a new lighting fixture for a prominent space in your bathroom at a reasonable price.
  • Shower Curtain. If your shower curtain is old, replacing it with a new one can make a huge difference without costing you much money.
  • These are five easy and inexpensive ways to transform your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary without overspending!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Make Your Home Summer Heat Ready

Summer is here, luckily we’re not quite in the triple digit temperatures just yet. Before it gets super hot, you might want to check that you and the house are ready for the summer heat. That means you start by checking your home’s heat and air-conditioning system.

Here are five ways to make sure you are prepared to handle extreme heat.
  1. To begin, change your filters in your heating/cooling system. Change them regularly, at least monthly.
  2. Next change your thermostat over to “cool” and test the system by turning the temperature down. If the air conditioner does not turn on, first check to make sure no breakers are tripped. If you can’t figure out the problem, call your heating and air-conditioning repair person. Calling now may keep you from making an “emergency” call when the temperatures are soaring and the repair people are super busy and expensive.
  3. If your cooling system turns on, make sure it is putting out adequate cooling. If it’s not, and you can’t figure out the problem, call your heating and air-conditioning repair person. Set the thermostat at 78 degrees.
  4. If your air conditioner needs replacement do it now before the triple digit temps come, that’s when heating & air-conditioning repair people get the busiest.
  5. Lastly, your air ducts may need testing for leaks and then sealed. Your attic insulation probably has compacted, so you need to add an additional 5 to 8 inches. Your windows and doors and other parts of the building envelope may need caulking and weather stripping. Think about solar window film to keep out the heat. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to kick back and stay cool!

Monday, June 4, 2012

How To Easily Make Your Old Toilet More Water Efficient

If you really want to save water, experts say you need to stop using the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket. Some people flush away tissues and other bits of trash in the toilet. Using a wastebasket will save all those gallons of water that otherwise go wastefully down the drain. Most toilets installed before 1980 use 5-7 gallons of water per flush. Toilets installed between 1980 and 1993 use 3.5 gallons per flush. Toilets installed since 1994 use 1.6 gallons. If you think about it, 1.6 gallons is still a big improvement, but that’s a lot of water for one flush.

Does your toilet ever make noises when it is not in use? A toilet with even a small leak can greatly increase your water bill. To check your toilet for leaks, put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank, and wait ten minutes. If, without flushing, the color begins to appear in the bowl, you have a leak, which should be repaired immediately.

Plumbers say there is no definite answer on how long the parts in your toilet tank should last? Replaceable parts such as flappers and washers or seals inside the refill valve may last several years. However, factors such as water treatment processes, toilet bowl cleaners, and high water pressure can cause parts to disintegrate much sooner.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dealer Profile: Tami Muller of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Q: Where are you from?
A: Our family is originally from Israel – Decon Environmental was started by our father, and we took over the business after he passed away.

Q: What was your career before becoming a Bath Planet dealer?
A: For more than 25 years, we were involved in the family business.

Q: How did you learn about the brand?
A: We were looking for new business opportunities and we came across Bath Planet. We saw it as a good “ground floor” opportunity. The business is growing and it’s something we are knowledgeable about. It will also help us branch out to more residential projects. We went to Chicago to learn more about the opportunity and were very impressed.

Q: Why did you decide to open your own business?
A: We wanted to get more into the residential market, as our current business involves more emergency response and commercial projects. We want to be able to provide better customer service to homeowners – there is a huge need for this in bathroom remodeling, and we see Bath Planet as the future of this type of remodel that complements our line of products.

Q: When choosing a dealership, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?
A: The quality of the product was definitely important to us, and we wanted to be comfortable with the product, which we feel we are with Bath Planet. BCI is famous for their product and support they provide.

Q: With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?
A: We believe being a family owned and managed business has helped us – we are small enough so customer service is fantastic and we provide feedback immediately, but we are also large enough to handle big jobs. We offer 24/7 emergency response and our customers always see us, the owners, on the job. They love that personal touch and our customer service orientation.

Q: Why did you choose to enter this industry?
A: The market share provides a huge opportunity along with the future of remodeling. It’s growing.

Q: How did you finance your business?
A: We are self-financed.

Q: What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today with your business?
A: The changing market and economy are always a challenge. You have to be flexible.

Q: What makes your business different?
A: We provide a personal touch to every job and we have an excellent customer service reputation.

Q: How does your business connect with the community?
A: We are very active in our community, including involvement in BOMA, and SEFAA (we are board members). We also do a lot of charity work within the community.

Q: Are there any prominent industry trends that you are experiencing right now?
A: People are starting to invest more money into their houses, more than before. This is because of the real estate crisis – people aren’t moving, so they’re fixing their homes and remodeling. The kitchen is complete and the bathroom is next – hence Bath Planet. For the elderly, this includes safety features, making it accessible. This gives our elderly customers comfort and independence. It changes their lives completely.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Low Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Old Bathroom

If you want to spruce up your old, drab bathroom without breaking the bank, we’ve got some great, inexpensive ideas for you.

Designers recommend buying an extra matching shower curtain and making a simple valance out of it.

If you want something even simpler than a shade or valance, papering your windows is also an inexpensive option. Another product, called Gallery Glass lets you make a window pattern that mimics stained glass with a self-adhesive. It looks similar to a real stained glass window at a fraction of the price.

If you’re on a tight budget, but want something with a cottage feel, what about putting hinges on beautiful picture frames (or building your own frames) and using a staple gun to attach lace or a synthetic fabric to them. Voila, you’ve got shutters.

Rolling, simple white towels in a basket, will help you achieve a spa like feeling. Delicate soaps, arranged in a pretty soap dish can also help you dress up your bathroom. Add a new shower curtain, rugs and fresh paint, and you’ve transformed your old, grungy bathroom!

All of these ideas are easy, inexpensive ways to add some designer touches to your bathroom. Soon, you’ll love the feel of your space, and will never want to leave!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bath Planet® Enters South Florida Market

Introduces affordable bath remodeling solutions with revolutionary customer experience

After extensive market research demonstrating new housing trends, Bath Planet® of South Florida (a division of Decon Environmental) has recognized a trend of people staying in their homes and renovating them, which has led to its newest decision to become an exclusive authorized dealer of Bath Planet® in South Florida. Bath Planet’s® authorized dealers will showcase the newest bath remodeling products in the industry with exclusive colors and designs, offering stylish, affordable, low-maintenance solutions that satisfy customers by combining high-quality service with superior product offerings.

Tami Muller has been a part of the family owned and operated Decon Environmental for more than 25 years. The company has been a pioneer in environmental contracting, with extensive experience and an unmatched reputation in its market. Looking to diversify service offerings, Muller sees the addition of becoming a Bath Planet dealer as a way to reach new customers and provide existing clients even more options when it comes to home construction.

“Bath Planet® will provide us with a new business opportunity to capture an even wider segment of business in South Florida. The brand has a strong industry reputation of outstanding customer service and superior product design,” said Muller, owner of Bath Planet® South Florida. “We were looking for an industry with strong growth numbers, and after noticing remodeling trends in South Florida, we knew that we could bring a new and exciting business to the market.”

Strategically, Muller wanted to make the right addition to the South Florida area and enhance her existing business by adding a cost-effective bathroom component to complement it. What she recognized is that more homeowners are making conscious decisions to make smaller, more affordable updates to their homes as they are living in them longer. Florida’s senior citizens can also benefit from a bath remodel that provides them comfort and independence.

“We are excited to have Decon Environmental on board as an authorized retailer in South Florida. They can provide the expertise and exceptional service that our company prides itself on,” said Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of Bath Planet®. “We have found a great partner in Decon Environmental, as they have consistently been a leader in the construction market, providing superior products and delivering the best customer satisfaction.”

Bath Planet® has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is given only after lengthy and meticulous evaluation. The credential is recognized widely as a symbol of consumer assurance and protection in the marketplace and demonstrates unparalleled level of commitment to the best products and customer service.

Together, the best minds in the industry have been brought together to research all elements of bathroom remodeling, including top tier manufacturing, installation, design and customer service. This foundation led to the development of the world’s best product value in bathroom remodeling.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Advantages of Bathtub Liners

Got an old, moldy bathtub wall? Nothing is more of a turnoff, especially to guests. Years ago, you had to do a complete bathroom demo to get rid of it. Nowadays, you can cover up the ugly, in one day! Hard to believe, but it’s true!

Surrounding the walls of your bathtub with waterproof material is essential when building or remodeling your bathroom. While tile is still an attractive option, it can be expensive and difficult to install. Instead, many homeowners choose bathtub liners or wall surrounds, which adhere to the walls and protect them from moisture, mold and mildew.

One of the greatest advantages of bathtub liners and wall surrounds is cost. Installing a surround over existing walls is a cost-effective way to remodel or update a bathroom. Fast and easy! Wall surrounds are a great way to make your bathroom beautiful again, without breaking the bank! Installing a bathtub liner or surround is easier than installing tile.

Even the most high-quality wall surround, however, can look bad if it is not installed properly. So if you are not confident in your installation skills, hire a professional. This is so important, because saving a little money is so not worth it, if your bathroom looks like an amateur did it. Spend a few extra dollars and hire a company that has years of experience and know how. They will transform your bathroom into the spa like retreat you’ve always wanted!

Another benefit is that bathtub liners and surrounds are generally simple to care for, especially compared to tiled walls. Installing a bathtub surround or liner is an inexpensive and simple way to update a bathroom, especially when staging a home for sale. If you spend the extra money to install a tile surround for a shower or bath, along with other bathroom updates, you can expect to recoup about 75 to 80 percent of the cost when you sell the home, according to the National Association of Realtors. If a complete remodel is not in the budget, though, adding a new tub surround can still improve a bathroom that is in rough shape, and you can expect to get most of your investment back. You’ll not only love your new bathroom, you’ll feel good that you made a wise home investment!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why You Should Have a Nice Bathroom

Bathrooms can definitely make or break a deal. If your trying to sell your home in this market, you need to have a nice bathroom. If not, potential home buyers will move on to the next house. It’s that simple.

This is the one room where you get to totally relax and pamper yourself. The bathroom you choose can have a major effect on just how enjoyable the time you spend in it truly is. It is very rare that we get time to ourselves anymore, totally free of distractions, and the indulgence one can allow themselves at such times is what makes having a great bathroom so important.

If you’re thinking about remodeling or just simply improving your existing bathroom, lighting is key. Do you have sufficient lighting designed for your bathroom? Natural light is an important thing in bathrooms. A window, a wall or roof skylight will bring in natural light, a view or a dramatic skyscape.

Another important element to consider is ventilation. If you live in different types of weather conditions like mild to harsh, you should install an exhaust fan in bathroom. Bathrooms produce humidity and moisture that can break in ceilings, floors and countertops. Ventilate odors and humidity from your bathroom by installing a powerful ventilator or exhaust fan large enough to do the job perfectly.

Experts say, you may not need to completely gut your existing bathroom. Just determine what needs to be improved on, and do it. The rest can usually be fixed with some paint and accessories.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bath Planet featured in Johnson City Press

Bath Planet was recently featured in an article called “Soaking in sales: Bathroom remodeling company seeing plenty of business," that ran on Monday, April 9, 2012 in The Johnson City Press. The article focuses on Scott Brooks’ new Bath Planet location opening in Johnson City, Tennessee at 3107 W. Market St. and highlights Scott’s journey to becoming a Bath Planet dealer. Also, the article discusses Scott’s Bath Planet development plans for Johnson City and his planned expansion into Knoxville, Chattanooga and Asheville. View the full article here or begin reading below.

Soaking in sales: Bathroom remodeling company seeing plenty of business 
by Madison Mathews

Scott and Julie Brooks are busier than ever before. When they opened the doors of their new bathroom remodeling business last month, they were caught off guard by the amount of customers looking to remodel their home.

Like many in the construction business, when the housing market collapsed in 2007, Scott, who worked as a licensed contractor for more than 20 years, wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

(Read More)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bathroom Remodel Is The #1 Home Improvement Project You Can Do

Did you know that a bathroom remodel is the #1 rated home improvement project you can do for overall return on investment according to the Wall Street Journal? So everyone wonders, “Is it worth the money to remodel my bathroom?” Local realtors say, yes. However if you really don’t want to spend that kind of time or money, you need to fake it. Realtors say, nowadays, you can get rid of that yucky, moldy old tub with a new, beautiful walk in tub, or a wall surround. Just basically change whatever is ugly.

Paint a pretty color and get new accessories, and your bathroom can look transformed. All in about a day, for a fraction of the cost. On the other hand if you are committed to a total renovation it’s good to know that economists say remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is always a smart investment. They even go as far as saying that all renovations should be done “where the water is.” Meaning kitchens and bathrooms.

So what kind of return will you get on your investment? You should not expect to fully recover the amount of the remodeling investment right away. Typically, you can expect between 80% and 90% back on your home improvement investment dollar, sometimes more, within the first year or two. With the proper remodel, you can increase and even make money on the improvement the longer you stay in the home. By being in the home a longer period of time, you give the real estate market time to increase and you leverage the remodeling investment as property values grow.

Investing in home improvement makes sense in most cases and under most economic climates. The homeowner should do their homework; use the resources available to them to help plan a budget and determine what type of changes they want to make.

Keep in mind the most important reason to renovate your bathroom is if the structural integrity of your home is being affected or damaged by excessive water, mold or moisture. The long term loss or depletion in the value of your home could be serious in this case. So if you have an old, moldy bathroom, remodeling or replacing the ugly, is always a good idea!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bath Planet featured on WGN-TV

Bath Planet was featured in a segment on WGN-TV on February 28, 2012. The segment focused on bath safety and had great visuals with an actual bathtub demo from Bath Planet set up in-studio. Rick Hirschhaut discussed the kinds of bathtub accidents that can occur for people of all ages, and the many different types of safety features available for the bathtub and shower at Bath Planet. Click here to view this great segment!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath Planet featured on KOLO-TV Reno

Bath Planet was featured in a segment that aired on KOLO-TV in Reno on Thursday, February 9, 2012 that focused on bath safety. Bath Planet of Reno owner Alan Hansen talked about the kinds of bathtub accidents that can occur for people of all ages, and explained how having Bath Planet complete a remodel is a quality of life update done on the home. There was even mention of the many different types of bathtub and shower remodel solutions available at Bath Planet and all the many safety features available as well. View the segment below, or download it here!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bath Planet Dealer Profile: Mike Sepanksi

What was your career before getting into the home remodeling industry?
I have been in the home remodeling industry for 31 years and was in the real estate industry prior to that.

How did you learn about Bath Planet?
We had actually been looking at adding acrylic bathroom remodeling products for a while now and explored various companies and explored what they would add to our existing business. We just stumbled into Bath Planet recently, made some inquiries and it looked like a good opportunity to add this type of business in Toledo.

Why make the transition from siding and windows to bathroom remodeling?
Right now, we do roofing, siding, gutters and enclosures. The main reason for adding the Bath Planet dealership is in the economy, it’s a matter of adding quality product lines to get you more customers. This seemed like a real good fit based on the research that we did and we feel strongly that our customers will love the products, designs, colors and warranty.

How many jobs is this new agreement between you and Bath Planet going to create?
To start, we’re looking at hiring one installation person to start with and two sales people. We’d love to see the number of jobs Bath Planet creates eventually double or triple.

How did you perform your due diligence? In other words, how did you conduct your background check on Bath Planet?
We had been looking at various lines for the past year. It’s really a timing situation. The company and products looked like something solid based on the research we had done about Bath Planet and BCI.

What was most appealing to you about becoming a Bath Planet dealer as opposed to going another route?
ABC Seamless Siding itself is a franchise and we’re paying franchise fees on a per job basis. With the Bath Planet dealership, it’s an an annual type of thing, almost like a participation thing as opposed to a monthly franchise fee.

How does the revenue model work? How do you benefit as an existing business owner from being an authorized Bath Planet dealer?
It’s just going to add to the bottom line. The age of the properties in the Toledo metropolitan area are such that it’s right up this alley. The price is right up this alley. With this you’re looking at a price point where it’s doable for most people and finance companies are willing to lend on the amount. It’s going to add more volume to what we’re doing at a price point that’s perfect for this day and time.

What did you find most appealing about home remodeling?
It’s the only thing I’ve ever done. It’s always earned me a living. We’ve taken on some different product lines and one recently was metal roofing that’s just spectacular when it’s done. All the products we carry are top of the line and what we sell is unique in quality. Consequently when you do a good job with a good product, it gives you satisfaction. That’s what brought us to Bath Planet, actually. There were some other options but this just screamed quality.

What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today with your business?
I purchased the company from the original owner six years ago so we had name recognition in Northwest Ohio. That was probably the thing that helped us hang in there through the toughest time over the past few years. Our biggest obstacle is financing. Very little financing is available anymore in this industry and if you do get something financed, people have to be at the highest level of credit score. The typical young couples that need window replacements can’t afford to spend $5,000 on a project without some level of financing for the project.

What are your expansion or development plans?
Everything is based on the growth. If this business extension meets our expectations, there are obviously lots of opportunities out there since this is a newly launched concept through BCI. We’re planning a lot of spring shows, fairs and we’re looking to try and get some advertisements on TV. With it being a totally new company in Toledo, we haven’t been able to directly speak with the customer yet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bath Planet® Enters Toledo Market

Introduces affordable bath remodeling solutions with revolutionary customer experience

More people are choosing to invest money in their homes these days rather than go out and buy new ones. Bath Planet® of Ohio (a division of ABC Seamless Siding) has recognized the uptick in small renovations, which has led to its newest decision to become an exclusive authorized dealer of Bath Planet in Toledo. Bath Planet’s authorized dealers will showcase the newest bath remodeling products in the industry with exclusive colors and designs, offering stylish, affordable, low-maintenance solutions that satisfy customers by combining high-quality service with superior product offerings.

Toledo native Mike Sepanski has been in the home remodeling business for over 30 years, buying ABC Seamless Siding, located at 5511 Telegraph Road, from an old high school friend back in 2005. Under his leadership, ABC Seamless Siding has continued to be the leading provider of quality roofing and siding repairs, earning a strong reputation for providing quality work at an affordable price. While business has been steady, Sepanski and his leadership team were looking to expand their offerings, knowing that more people are staying in their homes longer. After a year of research, they found Bath Planet, a brand that fits in with their mission.

Bath Planet made sense for us because its designs are high quality, practical, and perhaps most importantly, affordable,” said Sepanski, owner of Bath Planet Toledo. “With this product, we’re able to completely renovate a home owner’s bathroom in as little as a day, giving them a fresh new design without inconveniencing them for a long period of time.”

Sepanski said the tough economy forced him to think of ways to evolve ABC Seamless Siding’s business so that he was able to attract new customers while creating jobs in the process. His store will allow him to do just that, creating three jobs initially that will be filled by Toledo residents. With money running tight for everyone these days, Sepanski wanted to add an interior remodeling option in the form of bathroom renovations that was both cost-effective and easy to implement. Since more people are either staying in their current homes longer or investing in older homes, he says it made sense for him to offer a bathroom remodeling solution that improves people’s quality of life while adding value to the home for the long term.

“We are excited to have ABC Seamless Siding on board as our first authorized retailer in the state of Ohio. Mike and his team have established a reputation for going above and beyond for their customers,” said Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of Bath Planet. “In Mike, we have found someone who is committed to his community, a business leader who prides himself on doing a quality job for his neighbors at an affordable price.”

Sepanski said his dealership will be run out of ABC Seamless Siding’s existing store, with a number of products on display for customers to choose from. Bath Planet has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is given only after lengthy and meticulous evaluation. The credential is recognized widely as a symbol of consumer assurance and protection in the marketplace and demonstrates unparalleled level of commitment to the best products and customer service.

Together, the best minds in the industry have been brought together to research all elements of bathroom remodeling, including top tier manufacturing, installation, design and customer service. This foundation led to the development of the world’s best product value in bathroom remodeling.
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