Friday, January 25, 2013

Bath Planet ACE Awards

At Bath Planet's recent 2013 Dealer Conference hosted at Disney's Yacht Club Resort in Orlando, Bath Planet gave out its annual ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards for 2012.

Bath Planet describes the ACE Awards as being "given to the top Bath Planet dealers from around the world that demonstrate that they have the ability to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. Receiving an ACE Award is a distinct honor that demonstrates both rigorous application of customer feedback processes and outstanding performance as measured by customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Guild Quality. The ACE Award shows the world your organization's effectiveness and success in customer satisfaction and loyalty. To be eligible for an ACE Award, your organization must have conducted five or more customer satisfaction surveys during 2012 and achieved a minimum consumer recommendation rate of at least 90%."

The winners of this esteemed award included the Bath Planets of Peoria, Chicago, Reno, Little Rock, Toledo, Long Island, and Buffalo.

Congratulations to those Bath Planets for continuing to exceed customer expectations and maintaining the high standards Bath Planet has held since its beginning!

Bath Planet also bestowed two Dealer of the Year awards on Chicago (for Large Market) and Toledo (for Small Market) based on many criteria including community involvement and team spirit.

The Bath Planets of Indianapolis and San Antonio were recognized for being the Rising Stars of BP locations for their outstanding month to month sales growth and high quality operations.

The Dealer Conference was a huge success and congratulations to all of the winners. We're already looking forward to next year!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Bath Planet Dealer Conference

Bath Planet is currently hosting their 2013 Bath Planet Dealer Conference at Disney's Yacht Club Resort in Orlando, FL. Bath Planet and their dealers come together at this conference to learn the best practices, network, and prepare for the year ahead.

See photos from the conference below:

The 2013 Bath Planet® Dealer Conference is being held in the Grand Harbor Ballroom South at Disney's luxurious Yacht Club Resort in Orlando from Wednesday, January 16th through Friday, January 18th, 2013. Conference registration began at 3pm (Eastern) Wednesday and the event wraps up on Friday at 4:45pm.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bath Planet Featured in the St. George Spectrum

Bath Planet was recently featured in the St. George Spectrum in an article titled "Appealing to retirees: Company adds Bath Planet products to assist older residents with mobility issues". 

The article focuses on business owner Bruce Thompson's decision to expand his plumbing business and become a Bath Planet dealer. The article also touches on the needs of retirees and how Bath Planet is able to upgrade retirees’ existing bathrooms to be safer and more attractive at a low cost.  The end of the article also touches on plans for expansion for the Bath Planet brand. Click here to view the entire article.

As an alternative to complete renovation, Bath Planet has made its way to Southern Utah and provides residents with a way to customize their shower and bath areas without having to overhaul the entire bathroom or moving residents to a new home entirely.

Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of Bath Planet, said when the recession and downturn in the economy hit households throughout the United States, it put a hold on some retirees’ plans to sell their homes and move elsewhere.

Because this is a trend seen throughout Utah, including the southern part of the state, business owner Bruce Thompson saw the need to expand his plumbing business to include Bath Planet as well, he said.

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