Friday, January 11, 2013

Bath Planet Featured in the St. George Spectrum

Bath Planet was recently featured in the St. George Spectrum in an article titled "Appealing to retirees: Company adds Bath Planet products to assist older residents with mobility issues". 

The article focuses on business owner Bruce Thompson's decision to expand his plumbing business and become a Bath Planet dealer. The article also touches on the needs of retirees and how Bath Planet is able to upgrade retirees’ existing bathrooms to be safer and more attractive at a low cost.  The end of the article also touches on plans for expansion for the Bath Planet brand. Click here to view the entire article.

As an alternative to complete renovation, Bath Planet has made its way to Southern Utah and provides residents with a way to customize their shower and bath areas without having to overhaul the entire bathroom or moving residents to a new home entirely.

Rick Hirschhaut, senior vice president of Bath Planet, said when the recession and downturn in the economy hit households throughout the United States, it put a hold on some retirees’ plans to sell their homes and move elsewhere.

Because this is a trend seen throughout Utah, including the southern part of the state, business owner Bruce Thompson saw the need to expand his plumbing business to include Bath Planet as well, he said.

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