Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to install a bathroom waterfall

Looking to make your bathroom more beautiful and more tranquil? Then a bathroom waterfall might be exactly what the doctor ordered! They are gorgeous, provide a peaceful vibe, and lucky for you are very easy to install. In our online journey this morning we came across this wonderful do it yourself guide, courtesy of the DIYnetwork, on how to install a bathroom waterfall. We hope you find it useful and continue to make your bathroom and home in general more beautiful! Click here to view the article on the DIY network.

How to install a bathroom waterfall

Step 1: Mark and Drill the Tile
Eyeball the placement of the waterfall and mark the spot on the wall. Find center on the wall (Image 1), then place the hanging bracket on the wall and mark the holes.

Attach a depth guide to a hammer drill and drill holes 1/2" into the tile (Image 2). Screw hanging bracket to wall.


Step 2: Attach the Basin
Measure down from hanging bracket to find the location for the top of the bottom basin (Image 1).

Dryfit the basin, mark the hole locations and drill them out. Add anchors for support and attach the basin (Image 2).


Step 3: Finish Installation
Attach slate to the hanging bracket.

Set the pump in the basin and snap in the basin tray, then add rocks.

Fill the fountain with distilled water, which will keep the pump from clogging with hard water deposits.

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